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ASD Class - Bláthú

ASD Class (Bláthú)

The ASD class in Maynooth Community College is named Bláthú. ​

Bláthú is an Irish word that means "flourish" or "blossom". Bláthú was established in 2021 in Maynooth Community College. There are currently 6 students in Bláthú.

The purpose of the ASD class is to help Autistic students learn the skills they will need to participate society and live happy and fulfilled lives. Bláthú mirrors the ethos of Maynooth Community College. This ethos is rooted in a belief that all students should be educated in a supportive environment. Bláthú aims to provide quality education for all students in a structured and caring setting. We focus on helping all students reach their full potential. Students in Bláthú attend mainstream classes wherever possible. We put supports in place for students to make transitions between the ASD class and mainstream as calm and enjoyable as possible.

In Bláthú, students are offered the Level 2 Learning Programme (L2LP) programme where suitable. This programme is made up of Priority Learning Units (PLUs) and short courses. Students in Bláthú benefit from the programme as it purposely focuses on development and learning in such areas as literacy, numeracy, language and communication, mobility and leisure skills, motor-coordination and social and personal development. Students who are doing exams have structures put in place to lessen stress and worry. Staff give students advance notice of all tests and any changes to their usual routine. Students may also be provided with appropriate reasonable accommodations (RACE) if deemed necessary by the State Examinations Commission.

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