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3rd Year Parent Teacher Meeting On Site MCC, Thu 24th Nov.


Parents/guardians of third years.

Our Parental/Guardians meeting will take place on-site in MCC this Thu from 4.15 pm to 6.45 pm. This meeting will not take place online. This meeting will take place one and one in classrooms around our school. We warmly look forward to finally meeting you in person past Covid-19 face to face disruption.

All third years were given a paper form in tutor this morning (Tue) so your student has circled their teacher names for tutors and will ask if you are attending when they see you this evening after school.

There are no time slots so do arrive and queue for whichever teachers in the classrooms you wish to talk with first. Work your way around your teen’s subject list perhaps in terms of subject priority or teacher priority as decided by yourself and your student.

Warm regards,


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