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Exam Schedule 2021-2022


October 2021 Junior Cycle & Leaving Cert

Commence 11th October 2021 (Monday) and finish 15th October (Friday)

Reports Due: 3rd November

December 2021 1st Year, 2nd Year & 5th Year

Commence 29th November (Monday) and finish 3rd December (Friday)

Reports Due: 15th December

Mock Exams 2022 Junior cycle & Leaving Cert

Commence February 7th (Monday) and finish 18th February (Friday)

Reports Due: 9th March

Please note that mock exams will continue to take place this year 2022.

  • 6th Year
  • Mocks will take place in the old school.
  • 6th Year mocks will start Wednesday 2nd of February and finish 18th February.

  • Junior Cycle mock exams with take place from Friday the 11th until Friday the 18th of February on campus.

    All exams in a given subject will take place at the same time and students will have to move rooms on the hour to comply with covid safety protocols and classroom restrictions as these change by the hour based on all the classes in every year.

    The timetable is being finalised and will be released by the end of this week 21st Jan.

    An assembly will be held at 9 am on Monday the 24th of January with 3rd Years to discuss same.

Summer 2022 1st Year, 2nd Year & 5th Year

Commence 30th May (Monday) and finish 3rd June (Friday)

Reports Due: 15th June

State Exams 2022 Junior cycle & Leaving Cert

Commence Wednesday 8th June and finish Tuesday 28th June (To be confirmed by DE

26 2022
6th Year Graduation
30 2022
Summer Exams Week: 30th May - 3rd June
03 2022
School Finished - Summer Holidays 12.30 pm
06 2022
Bank Holiday Monday
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